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Martin Kasper grew up as the third of four children in idyllic Upper Swabia. Since Martin, as a toddler, often mistook his doctor-prescribed contact lenses for candy, he sang and danced as a distraction, which led to a close connection to music at an early age.

Classical piano training followed and soon his first bands. The urge to improvise instead of just reproducing led to his first contact with blues and jazz. After lessons with the Biberach jazz pianist Joe Fessele, Martin completed a three-year training at the vocational school for music in Dinkelsbühl with Tom Hiltner, Peter Wölpl, Udo Dahmen and Claus Heßler, among others.

This was followed by jazz piano studies with Prof. Martin Schrack in Nuremberg, including attending the master class.

Since then, Martin has moved in a wide variety of genres, from electronic to pop to jazz. Like his musical role models Herbie Hancock and Joe Zawinul, he doesn't just limit himself to the acoustic piano, but also uses a wide variety of electronic sound generators such as synthesizers and experiments with current software tools (Live Max).

Martin currently lives and works in Nuremberg as a freelance pianist, composer and teacher. 

He regularly plays as a guest with the German jazz rock legend "Kraan" and in recent years has worked with numerous musicians of international stature on stage or in the studio (Hellmut Hattler, Kraan, Ali Neander, Tab Two, Moritz Müller, Christian Diener , Thomas Lui Ludwig, Nevio, Schandmaul and others).

A compilation of the latest projects is here to find.

From September 2022, Martin will take over the keyboard and theory departments of the rock/pop/jazz branch of the vocational school for music in Dinkelsbühl. 

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